5 Steps to Radical Awareness: Step 1

Staring – A One Minute Object Meditation

Spiritual growth begins with Awareness, awareness of the world around us and the fact that we may not see it clearly. Meditation, breathwork and other practices help us expand Awareness.

Here is the first of five short practices to expand Awareness and help us see more clearly.

Find a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted. Sit upright, spine erect and supported.

Place an object before you – it could be a vase of flowers, a picture on the wall, an ornament, any household object. You can even use the wall itself. Position the object so that you can look at it easily without straining your neck or eyes.

Set an alarm, your phone alarm for example, for one minute. Then stare at the object. Don’t think about it. If you find an inner commentary going on about what it looks like, let those thoughts go. If you can make it through one minute without thinking, you are doing extremely well.

Notice what, if anything, happens as you stare at the object. Do colors change, shapes become more or less prominent? Do you see details you hadn’t noticed before? We often see things differently when we clear our mind of thinking.

Practice daily and notice how you feel after your minute of silent meditation. Expand to two minutes or more as you gain practice in emptying your mind of thoughts.