5 Steps to Radical Awareness: Step 4

What I Really Feel – Four Minutes of Self-Awareness

Spiritual growth begins with Awareness, awareness of the world around us and the fact that we may not see it clearly. Meditation, breathwork and other practices help us expand Awareness.

Here is the fourth of five short practices to expand Awareness and help us see more clearly.

This exercise is a useful follow on from Exercise 3. It’s for anyone struggling to make their way through a difficult or emotionally charged situation – a fight with a friend or loved one for example.

You will need to be alone and uninterrupted. You might like to have a pen and paper handy.

Sit comfortably or lie down. Focus all your attention on the area of your abdomen, as if you are connecting into your roots, the core of your body.
Inhale and exhale rhythmically. Your breath should be full but naturally so. Don’t force a big inhale.

When you have fixed your attention and are breathing rhythmically, ask yourself silently: What do I really feel?

Keep your attention on your abdomen and your breathing. Don’t allow yourself to go into any emotion that might arise from answering the question. Don’t run scenarios in your head – no reviews of what happened or analysis of who is at fault or what the other person really thinks or feels. This is about you, not them. Let your natural awareness draw you deeper into the workings of your own mind and emotions. You might be surprised by what lies beneath anger, sorrow, fear, etc.

Write down anything you discover about yourself.