5 Steps to Radical Awareness: Step 5

How I Influence Events – Five Minutes of Journaling

Spiritual growth begins with Awareness, awareness of the world around us and the fact that we may not see it clearly. Meditation, breathwork and other practices help us expand Awareness.

Here is the fifth of five short practices to expand Awareness and help us see more clearly.

Our beliefs and attitudes influence our behavior. Our behavior influences the outcome of events in our life. If you find yourself worried or concerned about a situation – at work, in a relationship or perhaps something that has not yet occurred – this exercise can be enlightening.

You will need to be alone and uninterrupted. You will also need a pen and paper. Or if your thought flow more easily when you type, you will need a computer.

Write the situation briefly at the top of a page of your notepad. Then begin writing with the sentence “I think…” What are you thinking about this situation. Write non-stop for three minutes. Do not censor yourself. You don’t have to make sense. Just get your thoughts down however irrational, sensible or bizarre they may seem.

Then look over those thoughts. Highlight the ones that are/might contribute to a negative outcome for you by influencing your behavior and your responses to others. This exercise is about bringing awareness to the many ways we contribute to less than favorable outcomes.

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