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Body and Breath: Two Gateways to Healing

Two of the most powerful and effective tools of healing are the ones the client brings to the therapy session themselves:  their body and their breath…Two modalities that put the body or the breath as an equal partner with the emotions and the mind are Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Rebirthing Psychotherapy (breathwork).  Read about how body awareness and […]

The Power of Acceptance: Relishing the Good Times

Life seems exceptionally good to some people.  Their lives soar on a tide of apparently endless luck.  Those of us who belong to the ‘glass half-empty’ crowd can look on with everything from amazement to jealousy.  Yet, in my experience, those ‘lucky’ people have ways of creating their own luck through by being open to […]

The Power of Acceptance: Growing From Suffering

In our western society we grow up pushing pain away.  We distance ourselves from pain through legal and illegal drugs, shopping, eating or not eating, caretaking, blame and even obsessively positive thinking.  The list is endless.   But every spiritual and wisdom tradition tells us that the dark times can be the most fertile periods of […]

The Power of Acceptance: Opening to the Love of Others

If you want to see how we close ourselves down to the love of others, just watch a group of children interacting in a playground.  Some are the center of every game while others stay closer to small sub-sets of friends circling the leaders. And then there’s that one little boy or girl who hovers […]