Sun Haze

I remember the sound as a thud, an enormous, blunt thud, louder and more resonant than anything I ever heard before. My head jerked sideways, then returned to center buffeted by a wave of air. I knew something bad had happened, something irreversible; nothing good makes a sound that big.

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Greyhound to New York

A Christmas journey through the night by Greyhound bus – a community of strangers, a chance encounter…”Connections in my life were slow, cautious dances that took time and work, but he smiled straight at me as if there were no barriers to overcome, as if we had always known each other. I felt like someone had spun me around, my bearings lost in the flat Montana landscape.”

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A Long Walk Through Time

Outside the enormous window of the hotel restaurant, rain pours down in dense, monsoon-like sheets that have been falling since before dawn. We’re surrounded by mountains, but I can see them only as hulking shadows behind the enveloping greyness. I nibble at pastries, try the muesli. Around 10 am, the downpour becomes a drizzle, and the monochrome terrain takes on a faint green tinge. I know if I wait long enough, the veil of gray will lift to reveal a panorama of mountain and valley; what I don’t know is that it will also reveal a story that reaches across three centuries and two continents….. Read more at the Lowestoft Chronicle

Whips and Stilettos: One Woman’s Path to Body Confidence

It’s hard to imagine Nicole sheathed in latex. At just under 200 pounds, make-up free, with a big, friendly smile, she looks like the perfect suburban neighbour, the kind you’d trust with the keys to your house because you can rely on her to feed your cat when you’re away. Because her appearance is a world away from the slim, glossy-lipped women who populate YouTube when you type “Dominatrix” into the search engine, it’s hard to imagine her as the latex-clad, crop toting Domme she was for nearly ten of her thirty years.  Read More Here: Whips and Stilettos

The Power of Awareness: A Journey Through Breathing

Every year or two I get a cold which turns into a cough which turns into bronchitis.  Until it hurts to breathe, I don’t pay much attention to my breathing on a day to day basis.  Same is true for most people …  Unless it affects our quality of life, we take breathing for granted.  Yet we do it– inhale and exhale—20,000 or so times a day. I found that figure astonishing when I first read about it.  Is there anything else we do that frequently, ever? …Approximately 70 percent of our body’s waste is excreted through our lungs, breathing affects all sorts of physical conditions from Renaud’s disease to blood pressure and breathing expands inner awareness to the point where it becomes a form of psychotherapy. Read more about the power of our breath in The Power of Awareness – A Journey Through Breathing in Sibyl Magazine May edition.


The Power of Awareness: Witnessing Without Judging

We live in a world where we make judgments every day.  We decide when to cross a street and when not to, when to speak to a stranger and when to pass by…  This good/bad judgment can keep us safe.  But what would it be like if, outside of these essential discernments, we were able to accept what is as it is – not good, not bad, not beautiful, not ugly, not right, not wrong.   Most of all, what would life be like if we didn’t judge ourselves quite as much as we normally do.

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The Power of Awareness: Body Awareness

Like lots of people, I’ve often discovered bruises on my arms or legs and have no recollection of how they got there.  Obviously I’ve bumped into something, bumped hard enough to cause bruising, but have no memory of my encounter with a chair or table or car door. This is a common experience for many of us who walk around so contained in our heads that we don’t notice what our bodies are doing.

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The Power of Awareness: Liberate Your Inner Witness

We develop filters through which we see reality from the moment we’re born—some would say from the moment we’re conceived. Like the lenses opticians try out when we go for a sight test, our filters either blur or clarify our view of the world. And like my client, we often grow up unaware that we even have filters. We accept what we see as being an accurate assessment of the way things are and we action based on those assessments. Our precious lives are shaped by those actions. Being able to stand back and recognize that we’re seeing through filters is quite a skill, the skill of Awareness.

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Innocence, Awakening and Social Justice: How One Woman Transformed Her Piece of the World

 This year Mary Quinalty sold her home in an upmarket neighborhood of Albuquerque, New Mexico, gave away almost everything she owned, and moved into Trinity House, a Catholic Worker “house of hospitality” for people who are homeless in Albuquerque’s impoverished South Valley. Her new job as the administrator of Trinity House is full-time and unpaid. Mary Quinalty is eighty-one years old.  I asked Mary what inspired her to give away her possessions and swap a comfortable home for a run-down building with a dodgy roof that she shares with and ever-changing set of housemates.  

Read Mary’s inspiring story 0f how spiritual beliefs drive her passion for social justice: Innocence, Awakening and Social Justice – How One Woman Tansformed Her Piece of the World.docx  in Oneing:  An Alternative Orthodoxy ,a publication of the Center for Action and Contemplation

Creating a Peaceful Holiday Season

I find it difficult to recall a family Christmas without some sort of conflict.  I’ve spent Christmas with several different families from my own nuclear two parents, three kids family of origin to extended families of unrelated adults.  At some point, somebody gets upset, testy or outright angry.  It’s a common experience.  One of my friends decided that staying at home alone on Christmas day was easier…For many years he spent the holiday in his own house, alone, phone turned off.  But does it have to be this way?

Read more about how the power of acceptance can turn Christmas into a time of peace and joy for all the family in Creating a Peaceful Holiday Season Sibyl Magazine December 2015.  Read the December edition of Sibyl Magazine here.