Body and Breath: Two Gateways to Healing

Two of the most powerful and effective tools of healing are the ones the client brings to the therapy session themselves:  their body and their breath…Two modalities that put the body or the breath as an equal partner with the emotions and the mind are Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Rebirthing Psychotherapy (breathwork).  Read about how body awareness and breathing can transform therapy sessions and help people move through difficulties quickly and safely.  Body and Breath:  Two Gateways to Healing by Catherine Dowling and Brenda Doherty in Inside Out, the journal of the Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy.

The Power of Acceptance: Relishing the Good Times

Life seems exceptionally good to some people.  Their lives soar on a tide of apparently endless luck.  Those of us who belong to the ‘glass half-empty’ crowd can look on with everything from amazement to jealousy.  Yet, in my experience, those ‘lucky’ people have ways of creating their own luck through by being open to the opportunities life presents to all of us, but we don’t always see or embrace.  Read more about  The Power of Acceptance – Relishing the Good Times in  the November issue of Sibyl Magazine.

The Power of Acceptance: Growing From Suffering

In our western society we grow up pushing pain away.  We distance ourselves from pain through legal and illegal drugs, shopping, eating or not eating, caretaking, blame and even obsessively positive thinking.  The list is endless.   But every spiritual and wisdom tradition tells us that the dark times can be the most fertile periods of growth, the incubators of new life.  Almost every day life throws up growth opportunities disguised as something we’d rather do without.  Read more at  Growing from Suffering – Sibyl Magazine October 2015 or at Sibyl Magazine.

The Power of Acceptance: Celebrating My Talents

Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize our own talents, much less celebrate them.  If we’ve do something every day and do it well, we ourselves often take it for granted.  If we have a firm belief in place that we “should” be good at our job, then doing our job well becomes just something we do.  It doesn’t stand out as a talent to be recognized and celebrated.

Read more about recognizing and celebrating our own talents here:  The Power of Acceptance – Celebrating My Talents in Sibyl Magazine.


Lessons in Joyful Living Interview on Awareness, Freedom and a Fuller Life

Listen to the interview on Awareness, freedom and a fuller life on “Best of…” on Lessons in Joyful Living Radio.

Be Empowered Group Radio Interview: Awareness and Connection

Listen to my conversation with Graeme Hopkins, host of Be Empowered Group Radio about Awareness, managing life, being happy and connected.

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The Power of Acceptance: I Can’t Do Everying and That’s Just Perfect

Women tend to think they should have complete mastery of a skill before they will put that skill on their resume.  Good enough is not good enough.  This belief that we should be able to do more and do it perfectly is one of the factors that holds women back from negotiating promotions and raises.   Read more at  here  Sibyl Magazine July 2015  or read the full edition of the magazine at Sibyl Magazine

Stand Up and Breathe: Five Ways to Let Your Light Shine

Hiding our talents, failing to acknowledge them even to ourselves, does nobody any favors. We miss out on the rewards our talents attract and so do the people around us. For me, talents are not just about being artistic or good at a job… And reward is not just about worldly success or money… When we hide our talents we suppress some of the best, most unique parts of ourselves. By doing so, we cut ourselves off from the joy of being fully, vibrantly alive. That joy is beyond price.

Read about five simple techniques to help you be more creative and more powerful in Aspire Magazine. 


Conversations that Heal Interview

Conversations that Heal is a great podcast out of Seattle, Washington.  Join Susan and me for a conversation about Awareness on Wed. June 10 at 12.30 pm Pacific Time.…/getting-to-know-you-through-…

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The Power of Acceptance: Opening to the Love of Others

If you want to see how we close ourselves down to the love of others, just watch a group of children interacting in a playground.  Some are the center of every game while others stay closer to small sub-sets of friends circling the leaders. And then there’s that one little boy or girl who hovers alone on the edge of the group, longing to participate but holding back.

Read More about opening to love from others in The Power of Acceptance – Opening to the Love of Others June 2015 in Sibyl Magazine.