Whips and Stilettos: One Woman’s Path to Body Confidence

It’s hard to imagine Nicole sheathed in latex. At just under 200 pounds, make-up free, with a big, friendly smile, she looks like the perfect suburban neighbour, the kind you’d trust with the keys to your house because you can rely on her to feed your cat when you’re away. Because her appearance is a world away from the slim, glossy-lipped women who populate YouTube when you type “Dominatrix” into the search engine, it’s hard to imagine her as the latex-clad, crop toting Domme she was for nearly ten of her thirty years.  Read More Here: Whips and Stilettos

Lessons in Joyful Living Interview on Awareness, Freedom and a Fuller Life

Listen to the interview on Awareness, freedom and a fuller life on “Best of…” on Lessons in Joyful Living Radio.

Be Empowered Group Radio Interview: Awareness and Connection

Listen to my conversation with Graeme Hopkins, host of Be Empowered Group Radio about Awareness, managing life, being happy and connected.

On the Be Empowered Radio

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Conversations that Heal Interview

Conversations that Heal is a great podcast out of Seattle, Washington.  Join Susan and me for a conversation about Awareness on Wed. June 10 at 12.30 pm Pacific Time.


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