Change How You Feel: Change How You Breathe

Emotions add flavor to life, but those same emotions can control our lives.  This PsychCentral article, Change How You Feel:  Change How You Breathe,  shows how we can manage emotions through changing our breathing patterns.



The Breath of Feeling: How Our Breathing Affects Our Emotions

What we feel is directly related to how we breathe.  Read about how breathing can be used to both manage and to generate emotions in Inside Out:  The Journal for the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy. The article is based on the findings of a joint study by the Universities of Quebec and Louvain into how breathing affects our emotional states.

Four Fields – A Short Story

A short story about a young boy coming to terms with the loss of his father in 1960’s rural Ireland.  Published in the California Writers Literary Review 2014

Breathing In A Circle: Transforming Consciousness Through Breathing

The Breathing Circle Movement is now world wide.  It provides an affordable, accessible way for people to experience breathwork with a trained therapist.  Read about the breathing circle movement and the evidence for the effectiveness of breathwork in Positive Health Online and on PsychCentral.

Rebirthing: Breathwork For Transformation


Yoga Therapy Ireland Issue 52

Yoga Therapy Ireland Issue 52

Article on breathwork for personal development published in Yoga Therapy Ireland.  Scroll down to page 12.  Rebirthing:  Breathwork for Transformation in Yoga Therapy Ireland