Getting Rationality Out of The Way.

Conscious, aware connection with the life force is natural, but there are road blocks along the way.  One of the  biggest blocks of all is our dependence on rationality.  Einstein again, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

So for many, the first step on the way to mystical experience, is to recognize the limits of the rational mind.  I’m not talking about suspending rationality at all, just about recognizing its limits.  The great Sufi poet Hafiz described it as “Pulling out the chair/Beneath your mind/And watching you fall upon God.”

There is a place for rationality, for asking why and demanding an answer.  There is great value in insisting that opinion be based on fact rather than fiction.  You have only to turn to modern evangelical religion, of any tradition, to see what happens when rationality is thrown out the window. 

But to touch our spiritual nature we need to become humble about our intellect.  We need  to recognise that there are things we do not know and cannot know with the intellectual tools we acquired in school.   Useful as they may be, they have their limitations.  Truly recognising this fact opens the often scary world of not knowing.  That world is mysterious and often uncharted, but it is also the territory where our spiritual nature emerges into awareness.               

Step one:  Recognise that your mind can’t know or understand everything and to gain awareness, you have to go beyond it.           

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  1. larry
    larry says:

    I find that sometimes the rational mind monopolizes all other aspects of my mind. I sometimes feel that my intuitive side is being bullied by my rationality. And intuition isn’t always right, it’s sometimes a little off or people just don’t recognize or acknowledge it for what it is. Any ideas on skirting the rational mind or on having confidence in your own intuition?

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