Innocence, Awakening and Social Justice: How One Woman Transformed Her Piece of the World

 This year Mary Quinalty sold her home in an upmarket neighborhood of Albuquerque, New Mexico, gave away almost everything she owned, and moved into Trinity House, a Catholic Worker “house of hospitality” for people who are homeless in Albuquerque’s impoverished South Valley. Her new job as the administrator of Trinity House is full-time and unpaid. Mary Quinalty is eighty-one years old.  I asked Mary what inspired her to give away her possessions and swap a comfortable home for a run-down building with a dodgy roof that she shares with and ever-changing set of housemates.  

Read Mary’s inspiring story 0f how spiritual beliefs drive her passion for social justice: Innocence, Awakening and Social Justice – How One Woman Tansformed Her Piece of the World.docx  in Oneing:  An Alternative Orthodoxy ,a publication of the Center for Action and Contemplation