Do you ever feel you’re not living fully, that you’re not a player in shaping your own life?

Do you long for something more but don’t quite know what more is, or how to make it happen?

Radical Awareness teaches us that the first step is not about changing the outward circumstances of our life.  It’s about going inward to awaken our Spiritual Awareness.  When we are awake to the beauty of who we are and to the spiritual dimensions of our life, the barriers to full-on engagement with life fade.  When we’re fully engaged, the outer changes we longed for begin to happen, often without much effort from us.

“Often the limits we believe others set for us are the limits we set for ourselves.”

Radical Awareness shows us what’s possible.  Then it gives us five practical tools for turning every experience into an opportunity for growth.  You will learn to move past fear and self-sabotage, break the bonds of anger, transform old patterns of relating, and most of all find a deep compassion for yourself.

Grounded in the knowledge of ancient and contemporary world wisdom traditions, Radical Awareness is a down-to-earth, workable guide for living with passion, abundance and serenity.


Title:  Radical Awareness: Five Practices for a Fully Engaged Life

Author: Catherine Dowling

Publisher:  Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN:  978-0-7387-4014-0

Publication Date:  December 2014 (US), January 2015 (Europe)

Retail Price:  $16.99 US


Radical Awareness is a clear, useful handbook for dealing with some of the basic issues in living a thoughtful life.”
-Thomas Moore, New York Times bestselling author of Care of the Soul

“There is much learned and practiced wisdom here! Learn and practice for yourself.”     Richard Rohr, bestselling author of Falling Upwards and founder of Center for Action and Contemplation  

“This book gives us a tool kit for opening our minds, our eyes and our hearts to the infinite possibilities life offers.  Written with compassion, it immediately makes the reader feel they are in safe hands, guided by someone who knows what she’s talking about. Many people write about mysticism but here is a book written in simple language – truly the gift of this author – that brings you to experience and understand  the deepest in your own nature.  When you’ve read this book you will understand what mysticism and spirituality are, and they will have opened to you as you opened to them through the exercises.  Everyone will grow with this book, even the most experienced. It is a truly excellent book.”
Dr. Joy Manne, author of Soul Therapy

“Catherine Dowling’s book Radical Awareness is a compelling read. The combination of wisdom, spiritual awareness and poetic writing engaged me. I found myself gathering up what was offered on the page and absorbing content for its intrinsic values and because I found myself taking so much into my thinking. Lots of books offer spiritual self-help. This book took me past the “me” that goes after self-help and to the “I” that integrates and learns.”
Charlotte Robin Cook, former publisher (KOMENAR Publishing), bookstore partner (Sunrise Bookshop, Berkeley), writing teacher and editor

“In her luminous new book, Radical Awareness: Five Practices for a Fully Engaged Life, Catherine Dowling has much to offer: eloquence, insight, and profound wisdom about living life abundantly. More than that, this book offers what many others of its ilk doesn’t; a series of practices that will help readers experience that same abundance on a daily basis. Dowling is a generous teacher, and with immense patience and compassion, she lays down a map that can help each of us become, as Dowling puts it, a “fully engaged traveler,” no matter our path. We are in capable hands. Journey on!”
Kelsea Habecker, author of Hollow Out, creative writing and personal development facilitator.


Catherine Dowling: catherinedowling@yahoo.ie


Katie Mickschl:  katiem@LLEWELLYN.com


Catherine Dowling is one of the leading writers in the field of breathwork psychotherapy.  Her book Rebirthing and Breathwork:  A Powerful Technique for Personal Transformation is essential reading for students of breathwork therapy and has attracted thousands of readers to breathwork as their path of spiritual and psychological development.

Catherine is a former president of the International Breathwork Foundation in addition to being a founder and former chairperson of the Irish Rebirthing Psychotherapy Association and co-founder of the Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations.

As the author of influential articles on the training of therapists, Catherine has worked on the development of training standards for breathwork organizations in the USA and England.  She was a member of the Irish Dept. of Health working group on the regulation of complementary and alternative therapists and a consultant evaluator to the Irish health Services Executive on the issues of suicide prevention and residential childcare.

For almost twenty years she ran a clinical practice in breathwork psychotherapy in Dublin, Ireland and as a trainer and facilitator for community based groups, teachers and state agencies on subjects such as stress management, personal development, group facilitation training and organizational development and planning.  In 2010 she moved to the United States and now lives in New Mexico.   www.catherinedowling.com

BIOGRAPHY (Short Form)

Catherine Dowling, is the author of Radical Awareness:  Five Practices for a Fully Engaged Life, a handbook for putting the wisdom of spiritual awareness into practice with a range of day to day issues, and  Rebirthing and Breathwork:  A Powerful Technique for Personal Transformation.  She practiced as a breathwork psychotherapist for almost twenty years in Ireland and is a former president of the International Breathwork Foundation.   Catherine now lives in New Mexico.  www.catherinedowling.com


  • Why is Awareness important in today’s world?
  • What is Radical Awareness?
  • How common are experiences of Radical Awareness, spiritual awakenings?
  • What is spiritual awakening like?
  • How does it change the way we experience life?
  • What happens when that spiritual experience passes?
  • How do we bring the experience into life so that we can change the way we engage with life?
  • What are the Five Practices?
  • How does being in the present moment change the way we live?
  • There are lots of good books on awareness and living in the moment.  What does Radical Awareness add to what those books tell us?
  • How do we grow out of adversity?
  • Is it always advisable to embrace difficult/dark times?
  • What is spiritual trust?  How does it differ from what we normally think of as trust?
  • How does awareness help us deal with anger?
  • Many people feel powerless to change their lives, how does Radical Awareness help?
  • We often make resolutions to change something about ourselves or our lives but we can’t seem to follow through for long.  How does awareness help with this?
  • What is at the bottom of the experience of Radical Awareness?
  • How does spiritual love change us?
  • What keeps us stuck in our comfort zone even though that zone might be far from comfortable?
  • What is fear of change and how do we deal with it?
  • How do people reach a state of Radical Awareness?
  • What is breathwork and how does it help us?
  • What other techniques help us reach spiritual awakening/Radical Awareness?
  • How does awareness affect our value systems?  When do our values hold us back from opportunity and full engagement with life?
  • Why do some people seem to have life easy with lots of opportunities and others have no luck?
  • Why do disagreements seem to follow the same old pattern with the same result?  How do we change that?
  • How did you get interested in this topic?
  • Who would benefit from this book?