The Power of Acceptance: Relishing the Good Times

Life seems exceptionally good to some people.  Their lives soar on a tide of apparently endless luck.  Those of us who belong to the ‘glass half-empty’ crowd can look on with everything from amazement to jealousy.  Yet, in my experience, those ‘lucky’ people have ways of creating their own luck through by being open to the opportunities life presents to all of us, but we don’t always see or embrace.  Read more about  The Power of Acceptance – Relishing the Good Times in  the November issue of Sibyl Magazine.

The Power of Acceptance: I Can’t Do Everying and That’s Just Perfect

Women tend to think they should have complete mastery of a skill before they will put that skill on their resume.  Good enough is not good enough.  This belief that we should be able to do more and do it perfectly is one of the factors that holds women back from negotiating promotions and raises.   Read more at  here  Sibyl Magazine July 2015  or read the full edition of the magazine at Sibyl Magazine