What is Breathwork? (Part 3 of more)

Breathwork takes many forms:  Holotropic, Vivation, Resonance, Integrative, Transformational, Breakthrough, Clarity, Rebirthing and many more.  Some rely on hyperventilation which is controversial in the medical community, others rely on relaxed breathing.  The form of breathwork I practiced – as both breather and therapist – and have written about extensively for nearly 20 years is Rebirthing Breathwork.  So when I use the term Breathwork, I’m talking about Rebirthing Breathwork.

The breathwork experience is one of those spiritual states that are difficult to explain unless you’ve been there.  Let’s begin with a description of a Breathwork session.

If you were to watch someone practicing Rebirthing Breathwork, you might see their chest moving, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, sometimes hardly moving at all.  You might see them shift about, yawn, scratch.  There might be some crying, sometimes quite a lot of crying.  There might also be some laughter.  And, at the end of the session, you might see someone so deeply relaxed that they haven’t’ a tense muscle in their body.  You might also notice radiant skin, luminous eyes and a face that, at least temporarily, looks years younger and more relaxed.

But nothing you can see would give you any indication of the depth and wonder of the world you can’t see, the world breathwork opens up inside the person who is breathing.

Note:  Rebirthing Breathwork has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the regression technique psychotherapists in Colorado called rebirthing, a technique that led to tragedy a few years ago.  They are totally different practices that have no connection whatsoever with each other.

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What is Breathwork? (Part 2 of more)

If you live primarily in your mind, getting beyond it can be a tough job.  When it comes to getting beyond mind, Breathwork can be your best friend.

So what is Breathwork?  It’s using your breathing to access the world inside each of us, the fascinating, jumbled, wonderful world of contradictions, the good and the bad and the in between, the mind, the soul, the body the spirit that make up all of us. 

We breathe all day, every day.  We do it without thinking much about it – until we get asthma or emphysema or a lungful of unwanted smoke.    But breathing is the only bodily function that everyone can immediately bring under conscious control. 

Breathwork takes that free and natural bodily function and consciously controls it, molds it into patterns that are designed to open up our awareness to the spiritual nature of ourselves and our world.

There are many forms of breathwork.  It’s an integral part of yoga.  Awareness of breathing is essential to most forms of meditation and breathing itself is the central focus of some  meditation practices. 

The form of Breathwork I’m talking about is consciously controlled breathing and it’s more vigorous than traditional meditation.  In Breathwork, the breather alters their breathing pattern noticeably for 45 minutes to over an hour and the results can be spectacular.  We travel far beyond the mind while taking the mid with us on the journey.

Have you experience of breathwork in any form? 

Everyone has something to teach.   Share your wisdom – make a comment.

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