The Global Inspiration Conference (GIC)

A trip to India has been on my wish list since childhood.  A little over a month ago, the Global Inspiration Conference held in Bhimtal, north east of Delhi, finally lured me into making that old wish come true.

The GIC is the annual conference of the International Breathwork Foundation.  It brings together breathworkers and breathers from over 20 countries.  The participants turn the GIC into

  • A week of sharing—workshops, breathwork sessions, techniques and talents
  • A week of learning—new ways of breathing, new ways of being and living
  • A week of growing—in confidence, in skills, in being seen, in being fully ourselves
  • A week of laughing, talking, dancing and making new friends and contacts from around the world

The conference is not just for breathworkers.  It’s also for people interested in therapeutic breathwork, people who just want to participate in breathwork sessions and workshops.  Afternoons are devoted to a dizzying array of workshops –group breathwork sessions, tantra, movement, bodywork, family constellation sessions, chanting, yoga, voice workshops and much more.  All offered by leading practitioners.

Mornings are devoted to the IBF annual general meeting.  The AGM is open to all, friendly and as challenging as any personal growth workshop.  Evenings are devoted to dancing with the GIC’s resident DJ, Robert Moore from the UK.  Or to hanging out and making new friends.

In 2014 the GIC will be in held in Ireland, in the beautiful Delphi Valley in County Mayo.  It would be hard to find a more beautiful spot than Delphi.  And given the Irish fondness for having a good time, the 2014 GIC promises to be an experience to remember on every level.

More information will be available shortly at

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  1. Brigitte
    Brigitte says:

    Was so great to see you again at one of these conferences, Catherine.
    I call the GICs, my accelerators of growth, and God knows that this year’s conference had its lot of surprises and presents.
    But beyond personal transformation, Breathwork is now going global. I love the prospect of bringing our expertise to the UN.
    Will be in Ireland next year of course.
    With much love from Devon
    Breathwork Trainer UK/FR

    • Catherine
      Catherine says:

      Hi Brigitte,
      Meeting you and all the old gang was one of the highlights of the GIC for me too. Such a pity we didn’t get to hang out more and travel together. Yes, I’ll be in Ireland at the GIC in beautiful Delphi. Already working on it with Michael and Claire.

  2. Patricia Brennan
    Patricia Brennan says:

    Great photo, especially with Michael and Claire centre front! They sure have picked a beautiful spot for the 2014 meetings.It will be quite a home-coming! XXX

    • Catherine
      Catherine says:

      Hi Patsy,
      India was great. Does this mean we’ll see you in Delphi next year. I do hope so. It’s time you came to a GIC and you can have a big homecoming at the same time.

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