What is Breathwork? (Part 1 of more)


The way is sometimes easy, smooth, a downhill trip.  It happens naturally as we go through life.  We have an insight, a transformation.  Sometimes we recognize that it’s the result of days or weeks  or even years spent mulling over things, facing hard facts and processing our emotions.   And sometimes it seems to happen spontaneously, out of nowhere … Poof!  A major obstacle is gone, a tenacious habit has changed, a depression has lifted.  

I suffered from depression from late childhood until my mid-20’s.  I remember clear as anything the day it disappeared.  I was sitting in the living room of a house in Missoula, Montana that has since been demolished.  I can still see the wallpaper, the billowing white curtains, the light flooding through the bay window, the people in the room with me and where they were sitting.   I looked over at my then boss and suddenly felt a weight or energy, don’t really know how to describe it, lifting up from my shoulders and head.  The depression that had hounded me almost constantly for as long as I could remember was gone. 

It’s nice when it happens that way.  It’s very nice.  But it’s rare.  Mostly we have to put some work into it. 

The most effective technique I’ve found to help us do that work is, without a doubt, Breathwork. 

I’m going to write a lot about breathwork, but at the same time I’d really like to know what you’ve found to help you move on.  What works for you?

Everyone has something to teach.   Share your wisdom – make a comment.

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  1. Here's a Hump
    Here's a Hump says:

    Your depression evaporating was funny. Did you pass it onto someone else? Were you ever really depressed? Have you come up with a solid, viable answer as to why it suddenly lifted? Depressives don’t like to hear stuff like that. It makes them feel inadequate in that they’re somehow cursed by god forever or that they haven’t got the ‘knack’ of being able to go a day without being depressed. Would your guilt allow you to make a donation to Depressives Anonymous? Anything to raise the blackness even one inch in their lives would surely reverberate in the heavens.

    • Catherine
      Catherine says:

      I didn’t know there was a Depressives Anonymous. I don’t feel guilty at all but would be more than willing to talk to the members of DA.

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