What is Spirituality in Action

Spirituality is who we are, the life within us, the life around us.  It’s the air we breathe and the ground we walk upon.  It is our nature and our substance, our world and everything in that world.  It’s the continuum of life as we know it.

Spirituality goes by many names – god, Buddha, Christ, Krishna, higher power, divine nature, Spirit, reality.  The list is long.  I prefer to call it the Life Force.  For me, that takes the divisiveness of religion and the danger of duality out of it.  We’re always connected to the life force, but when we connect with awareness, we feel fully, vibrantly alive.  We know then what it’s like to experience love, not the limited and conditional love we give and receive from other people, but love that is a state of being.  This love has no object but its source is limitless and all encompassing.  It’s nothing less than the matrix in which we exist and the material from which we are created.

These amazing  experiences are hard to explain without resorting to poetry and they’ve certainly given us some of the greatest poetry ever written.  But spiritual living is about more than poetry and happy trips.  Spiritual living is about surrendering to the life force every day and letting it transform us, mold us, guide us to and through whatever life has in store for us.

Spirituality in Action is the molding process, the shaping and transforming life does when we surrender to it.  Spirituality in Action is not about getting rid of pain, although that happens.  It’s not about getting what we think we want, although that can happen too.  And it’s not about positive thinking, although that can be very useful.  Rather it’s about bringing that experience of spirituality into the small, mundane, ordinary events that make up our day and transforming the quality of our living as a result.

And that’s what this blog is about.  That and some poetry and  maybe some art too.  Oh, and the most effective technique I know for getting there – Breathwork .  Posts on Breathwork will intersperse the posts on Spiritual Living.

Everyone has something to teach.   Share your wisdom – make a comment.


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  1. Carmel
    Carmel says:

    If what you say is true then why do so many writers push positive thinking? Why do so many people go to therapists for relief of pain? And why do you need to separate spirituality from religion? Spirituality is so entwined with religion that the two can’t be separated. Without spirituality, religion is empty. And without religion, spirituality is directionless. How do you intend to have spirituality stand alone without god?

    • Catherine
      Catherine says:

      Hi Carmel,
      You bring up some excellent points. Why do people push positive thinking. Not sure. It can be very useful, better than a constant negative outlook. But if you are forcing yourself to think positively about something when you have an underlying belief system that tells you the opposite, then it’s like wallpapering over cracks. That’s where therapy comes in. It helps you become aware of and resolve the underlying issues that give rise to a negative outlook. Then you don’t have to make yourself think positively. It’s who you are.

      As for religion and god. Lots of people call the spiritual experience of oneness, God. It’s not the word or concept for me, but it works for lots of people. God and spirituality can be one. Religion can be a way to find god.

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